7 Days to Die Hosted Servers

Up for a little Zombie Survival action? I’ve got a few 7 Days to Die servers that are hosted and ready to go. Round up some fellow survivors and try your luck on these wasteland worlds.

7 Days to Die can be purchased from Steam:

Vanilla Plus – This is the vanilla experience with some QoL mods
Map Overview: play.megacycleentertainment.com:8082
Shop: https://us.csmm.app/shop/1163

Current Rules for the 7 Days to Die servers:
– Don’t build within 100 blocks of a trader.
– Do not raid other players bases/property
– Do not raid/touch other players death bags
– No racist, derogatory or inflammatory comments
– No more than 50 open wood frames left on logout
– No griefing/harassing players or admin
– No drop mining buildings or blocks
– No glitching, cheating or using exploits (duping included)
– Landmines must be kept on your own property and enclosed in a fence
– Respect the admin, staff, and each other
– Have fun! 😀

The servers are publicly listed in the 7 Days to Die multiplayer browser. Just search for ‘Megacycle’ and you’ll find it! If you can’t find it there, the direct connection info is in our Discord server and the join link is in the sidebar on the right.