June 5, 2019

7 Days to Die Hosted Servers

Up for a little Zombie Survival action? I’ve got a few 7 Days to Die servers that are hosted and ready to go. Round up some fellow survivors and try your luck on these

7 Days to Die can be purchased from Steam:

The servers come in three flavors:
– Vanilla Plus – This is the vanilla experience with some QoL mods
– Whack-a-doo – 2x Loot/Exp, Harder Zed, several QoL mods, custom map
– Starvation – 25% Loot, Normal Zed, a few QoL mods, custom map

Current Rules for the 7 Days to Die servers:
– Don’t build within 100 blocks of a trader.
– Don’t build in Quest POIs/prefabs
– Do not raid other players bases/property
– Do not raid/touch other players death bags
– No racist, derogatory or inflammatory comments
– No more than 50 open wood frames left on logout
– No griefing/harassing players or admin
– No drop mining buildings or blocks
– No glitching, cheating or using exploits (duping included)
– Landmines must be kept on your own property and enclosed in a fence
– Respect the admin, staff, and each other
– Have fun! 😀

Interested in joining? Have any questions?
Feel free to ask and get the connection info on Discord. The join link is in the sidebar.