June 23, 2015

Thanks To…

There are quite a few people that I’d like to thank. Without them, this site, and even my YouTube channel wouldn’t have been possible.

My current Patreon supporters and people that I couldn’t be where I am without their help:
PyroMusical, Cettmoi, cncHD, applejag, -HeRo^, Andrew G., Luis Verissimo, Mathi, Eomdor, Majestic Unicorn

My logo, current and first, were hand crafted by a skilled friend of mine, who has been a great artistic help. She goes by Kyp and her amazing art can be found here:
To get a hold of her, hit her up on Twitter:

My YouTube banner and intro were done by a very talented friend of mine, who goes by MDPro. Check him out and drop him a line if you are interested. He does some amazing stuff.
Youtube: https://t.co/Ds0S6DLI8S