Thanks To…

There are quite a few people that I’d like to thank. Without them, this site, the Megacycle Entertainment community and even my YouTube channel wouldn’t have been possible.

My current Patreon supporters and people that I couldn’t be where I am without their help:
PyroMusical, cncHD, applejag, -HeRo^, Andrew G., Luis Verissimo, Mathi, Eomdor, Majestic Unicorn, Dmitry Dudov

My logo, current and first, were hand crafted by a skilled friend of mine, who has been a great artistic help. She goes by Kyp and her amazing art can be found here:
To get a hold of her, hit her up on Twitter:

My YouTube banner and intro were done by a very talented friend of mine, who goes by MDPro. Check him out and drop him a line if you are interested. He does some amazing stuff.