Minecraft Hosted Servers

Currently, I’m hosting two Minecraft servers, one creative for building and contests, and one modded for a deeper gameplay experience. Collect, build, survive and thrive with your friends.
These are open for anyone to join as long as you first join the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server. This allows me to better update players and communicate if any changes are happening.

Minecraft can be purchased from Microsoft/Mojang:

Vanilla (Creative) Server:
– Feel free to take a look around. There are plenty of buildings already build and lots of beautiful sights. Make sure to enable the texture pack below.
– We also want this to be a ‘professional grade’ build site, so be sure to bring your A+ Game. The server will have several areas, each with different build themes. We have 5 currently, but are working to add more.

Rules –
– The world has protection, but you should still be considerate of other players and staff.
– No inappropriate builds. Nothing of a sexual or racist manner.
– No glitching, cheating or using exploits (duping included)
– Respect the admin, staff, and each other
– Have fun! 😀

Texture Pack:
Flows Texture Pack (1.14.4) – Download

Modded Server:
We use Multi-MC for our launcher and the staff here will be happy to help you get setup.

The entire mods list can be found on the ME Discord server, as well as instructional guides on how to get it working. In short, we are using Lapito’s Galacticraft as a base, with very few additional changes.

Rules –
– At most 1 quarry per person
– No griefing, stealing, destruction is allowed.
– Please delete entities by burning them or using a mod trashcan to dispose of them instead of the ground to despawn
– PvP is not allowed
– For mods that are used to mess with other people is only permitted to use for both parties in agreement, if the person requests it to stop, you cannot continue. (I.E: Witchery mod)
– Do not exploit the auto kick for being AFK system
– No terrain griefing near other players homes, 1×1 towers, massive useless structures, etc. are counted as terrain griefing
– You are only permitted 6 (7 for helpers) color combos to use on Ender Chests/Pumps
– Move at least 350 squares away from spawn/warp location before setting up your base
– If you are generating a lot of chunks, be sure to let other players know.
Additional rules and updates are on the server spawn location
– No glitching, cheating or using exploits (duping included)
– Respect the admin, staff, and each other
– Have fun! 😀

Interested in joining? Have any questions?
Feel free to ask and get the connection info on Discord. The join link is in the sidebar.