OpenTTD Hosted Server

Feel free to jump into this classic transportation management game and make a name for yourself. Even though this game has some age to it, it’s been completely rewritten and made open source for your gaming and modding enjoyment.
These are open for anyone to join as long as you first join the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server. This allows me to better update players and communicate if any changes are happening.

OpenTTD can be downloaded from the main site here:

Current Rules for the Server:

  • No land blocking another player out of resources or creating water/land to trap units
    • You can purchase land within the game mechanics, so do that instead
    • You can also setup and take goods if they aren’t used at a depot. This is fair gameplay.
  • There are 2 AI which will create their own companies about 3 years after the game starts
    • The game will keep two AI companies in the game as it is able. If one goes bankrupt, another will spawn 3 years later
  • Password protect your companies. Two (or more) humans per company is allowed, and password protecting it will ensure randos don’t take over your company.
  • Be sure to name yourself and your company. Having 6 players in the game all named ‘player’ is not good.

Interested in joining? Have any questions?
Feel free to ask and get the connection info on Discord. The join link is in the sidebar.