Factorio Hosted Servers

Megacycle Entertainment is currently hosting two Factorio servers for the fans. These are open for anyone to join as long as you first join the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server. This allows me to better update players and communicate if any changes are happening.

Factorio can be purchased from Steam:
…or on the Wube (Developer) site:

Vanilla/Modded Server:
– No biters (or peaceful biters)
– Rich Resources
– No Cliffs
– No Pollution

– Feel free to build your own base or expand a base that already exists.
– Respect the way someone setup a process and if you want to replace it, just ask them.
– These are NOT PvP servers, so no infighting.
– If you have any feedback, ask the staff on Discord.
– No using speakers or any other audio alarms. You are more the welcome to use the speakers for visual queues, but not audio.
– No glitching, cheating or using exploits (duping included)
– Respect the admin, staff, and each other
– Work together, strive, survive and have fun. 😀

Interested in joining? Have any questions?
Feel free to ask and get the connection info on Discord. The join link is in the sidebar, on the right.