Here is the page of custom maps, scenarios, tutorials and such created by the Megacycle Entertainment crew.

Getting Started with Streaming Guide:
This is a guide that I wrote up to get streamers started. It contains a lot of the basics and other things to be mindful of. It isn’t perfect, but covers a lot of ground and was put together by JMegs and other members of the community.
Twitch Streaming Guide – Download

Factorio Scenarios:
These scenarios (First Stand and Final Citadel) are two missions in a mini campaign that JohnMegacycle was working on way back. First Stand has your back against a wall with limited resources, constantly under attack. Final Citadel takes a different approach with tons of resources but a lot of land to cover and defend.
Included in this pack is also Factorio_TTD, a remake of the game OpenTTD built in with Factorio mechanics. Transport goods from place to place to do research and eventually launch the rocket. Good luck, engineer!
(Base Mod ‘Vanilla’ Recommended – Version 1.x)
Factorio Scenarios – Download

Command & Generals (Zero Hour) Maps:
This is a mega map pack with maps from the community and other contributors.
Generals Zero Hour Map Pack – Download

Flows Minecraft Texture Pack:
This is the texture pack that is used on the ME Creative Server. It adds a significant level of detail and realism to the standard building blocks and really makes the landscape and structures ‘pop’.
Flows Texture Pack (1.11) – Download
Flows Texture Pack (1.14.4) – Download
Flows Texture Pack (1.18) – Download

MotlyCraft Minecraft Mod Pack (1.7.10):
This is an older modpack that has all of our favorite mods in it. Built for 1.7.10, this collection is definitely a classic.
MotleyCraft Minecraft 1.7.10 Mod Pack – Download

ME AOD Tournament Maps – 2019:
Here are the maps from the Megacycle Entertainment AOD Tournament. Give these a go, with a friend, and have an amazing run with it!
ME AOD Tournament Maps

Dune Legacy Map Pack:
With the work of the community, we crafted up a few maps for the game Dune Legacy. These go in your appdata folder, if you are using Windows OS.
Dune Legacy Map Pack