June 3, 2016


Here is the page of custom maps, scenarios and such created by the Megacycle Entertainment crew.

Factorio Scenarios:

This Factorio map (First Stand), made by John Megacycle, is an introduction to a small campaign which pits the player at a crash site, a land-locked base and a dire need for expansion. You are going to have to move quick with the resources that you have and will need to expand quickly as the resources won’t last forever and the natives are indeed restless. (Base Mod Recommended – Version 0.15.x)

This Factorio map (Final Citadel), made by John Megacycle, is the ending of his simple campaign. There is a massive concrete landscape, filled with all the resources you could ever need. The only thing ticking against you is how much land you will have to defend to keep this paradise under control. (Base Mod Recommended – Version 0.15.x)


Command & Generals (Zero Hour) Maps:
This is a mega map pack with maps from the community and other contributors.