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Download Page, New Server and Mod Pack Are Here!

Good Day Gamers,
Over the last few weeks I was able to transfer the server to a new host and with it, the DNS and all that non-sense. IT was actually a good learning experience and I couldn’t have done it without one of my key crew members, Blacky. He has been an excellent aid in helping me transfer over and redeploy the site. If I did it right, you shouldn’t notice any differences at all. ^_^

With the new server, I was also able to setup a download page and some maps that we have been working on. At this time we have a Generals map from NinjaSquirrel and two Factorio maps from me. We wanted to work on a lot of projects together, in addition to video, and we are happy to post those projects here before we publish them to a different and more permanent home. For Command and Conquer maps, this may be CNC Labs, or similar, but it’s still handy for us to pass the files around this way. You can find the new page on the main menu.

Also, we have been working on a Minecraft mod pack that is reminiscent of the days of Tekkit. A newer member to our crew, SkyMix_RMT, has built and published our modpack, currently called the MotlyCraft Mod Pack on Curse. If you have the Curse client, the pack can be found and downloaded as it has been recently approved. I’m sure that we have a lot of tweaking to do with this pack, but it’s the first steps to something that I hope you find fun and hopefully we can all play together some day.

Catch you later Commanders,