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RTS Tips #1 – Control Groups

Good Day Gamers,
Today I wanted to highlight another question that I receive fairly often: “How do you create groups of units with the numbers next to them?”

Ever since the first Command and Conquer (even KKnD had this), most RTS games have the ability to create what are referred to as ‘control groups’. These allow you to bookmark a unit or group of units to be called upon quickly. For example, maybe you want your attacking army broken down into two forces and a defensive army as a force and your air force (or special units) as another force. Having to find and select these units every time you want to issue a command is a real pain. Enter ‘control groups’. ^_^

How to create and use a control group:
1> Highlight the units that you would like in the group
2> Hold Ctrl and push a number (<CTRL + 3> for example)
3> Control Group 3 has been created and can be selected by simply hitting ‘3’

This and other great strategy game tips can be found in the forums:

That’s all there is to it; Fight smarter, and harder.
-John Megacycle