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New Members to the Megacycle Entertainment Crew

Good Day All!
JMegs here with a quick update to the Megacycle Entertainment Crew and I’ll tell you right now, I’m pretty darn excited about it. NinjaSquirrel has been very busy over the last several weeks getting new members aware of our Discord server and with that he has recommended that we add some new members to the core group. Each of these members were excited about the opportunity to join in and I’m more than happy to welcome them!
Introducing the new members of the Megacycle Entertainment Crew:

Paladin Shotgun:
This gent has been an excellent help setting up the Discord Channel and has been a great ‘ideas man’ for a long time. His support will be a valuable asset to the crew and anyone who has needed a second opinion about new projects or a guide in Terraria.

Commander X Hydra:
This general has been in many of the tournaments that have been hosted by our crew and is always willing to learn new techniques and tricks in Generals Zero Hour and other RTS games. Commander X Hydra can be an unexpected and random general, so you will need to stay aware of the battlefield or he will get the upper hand.

Knome Sane:
This man is a real music visionary. His musical prowess and how he can ‘see’ the rhythm and beats is really something interesting. With his ‘Gamesician’ series he analyzes music and teaches music lore in a way that’s fun to watch.

Horror, FPS and Sandbox games are at the forefront of Complicated91’s channel. His personality is fresh and positive which makes his videos fun to watch and entertaining on a different level. Be sure to not only check out his YouTube channel but also his Twitch streams.

Turtle Tantrums:
Though a young turtle herself, Turtle Tantrums has a level of creativity and fun with her videos that are a fun treat to watch. Horror, speed painting and fun times are what you will find here.

Please help me in welcoming these new members to the crew and I hope you will all get a chance to play with them as well. ^_^