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RTS Tips #4 – Supply and Demand

Welcome back, gamers for another RTS tip!
Today’s lesson is about economy and is simply stated as ‘supply and demand’. This simply means the comparison between how much of a product is to be produced and how many of those products you can sell. If you can’t sell them all, then you may have to reduce the price of your product to ensure they they are sold before they go bad or become obsolete.
The same thing is true for RTS games. Most, if not all, RTS games have an economy or a money that you need to keep track of for troop creation, structure construction and upkeep. Each game is different, but ensuring that your economy can keep up with your army creation rate, and visa versa, is essential.
I’ve said this before, nothing is a worse sin than having way too much money. It usually means that you aren’t using the funds for research, expansion or army creation and the cash is just sitting there. Don’t forget, this isn’t a bank and you won’t receive interest on what is effectively sitting idle. Put that cash/gems/minerals to good use and build a massive army that you could write home about.

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That’s all there is to it; Fight smarter, and harder.
-John Megacycle