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Thankful Everyday

Good day to you all. I hope your health and well being is good and that you are excited as I am for the changes that have been made and the changes moving forward for both myself and the entire Megacycle Entertainment team. I’ve been updating everything on YouTube, with new videos and notes about what is going on, but I still wanted to do a recap here.

First off, I need to thank a few people who have been very supportive with me and my dreams and this fun machine known as Patreon. AshleyK and LostHero have taken upon themselves to support the server that hosts the ME site and also the systems that host the games that we have going. Our hosted instances of Factorio, Minecraft (modded and vanilla) and Terraria wouldn’t be possible without their help and for that, I’m very grateful. My Patreon site is here:

Secondly, the people behind the curtain who have been a great help on the administrative side. NinjaSquirrel, PaladinShotgun, Complicated91, Final Fantasia, Perverted Bagel, and KeldonSlayer, ‘thank you’ for your help. There are lots of others who are really stepping up and I want to say, ‘thank you’ to them as well.

Lastly, Frenkie for being a real boost and getting me more into Generals and Blacky for helping me standup the website in the first place. Thank you both as well.

Since the last update our Discord group has grown to 150 members, we’ve stood up several gaming servers and we don’t plan to stop growing anytime soon. Feel free to join us there and hop in to some friendly gaming with some pretty awesome people: Hope to see you there. ^_^


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