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MMO RPG for ME In the Making

Good Day Gamers!
Whew… So the title says it all, I’m working on setting up an MMO RPG for Megacycle Entertainment and it’s… going. I started working on RuneScape 2, but holy cow, the compiling and such was just unreal. That having been said, I’m willing to consider that a dead horse and I’m now working on Ultima Online instead which seems quite a bit easier to setup (holds breath).
I’m not too sure how this all works, but I’m working on having something by the end of this week or at least some progress. I’m personally very interested in adding an RPG portal to the Megacycle Entertainment repertoire since RTS has been the the primary focus with tournaments and such. This will be a great way to ’round out’ and better accommodate gamers who are looking for a different challenge.
That all being said, if anyone has any experience with these kinds of setups, I’m more than happy to accept any assistance. 😀
– John Megacycle

I also threw this on Reddit, for folks unfamiliar with the site to see: