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What Does Megacycle Entertainment Do?

Good Day Gamers!
  This is a question that I’ve heard more than once recently; What does Megacycle Entertainment even do? It’s a simple question, but the answer can get long-winded. I’ll do my best to answer in today’s post.
Gaming in a Neutral Environment –
– This means that we keep politics, religion and other sensitive topics out of our gaming sessions. The admins and moderators of our community strive to maintain a fun and chill environment for each other and new folks who may find the Megacycle Entertainment website or Discord server. That being said, we aren’t blind to changes in our world, but we do work hard at remembering that we are ‘all just gamers, being gamers’.
Hosting and Playing the Games We Enjoy –
– I have a few servers that I maintain and keep updated regularly. Currently, I’m hosing:
Minecraft Servers x2
Factorio Servers x2
Space Engineers Server
Terraria Server
OpenTTD Server
This isn’t all that I want to host, but this has been a great consistency and beginning. Actually, ‘beginning’ isn’t the right word, since I’ve been hosting these servers for over 4 years now.
Getting Gamers Connected –
– With gamers of similar interests, (and not) when people talk about the games they are interested in, they find others who either already play those games or want to know more about them. This actually has created a sort of a unique teacher/student environment. Personally, I’ve taught more than a dozen people how to play Factorio and me sharing a game I’m passionate about has been a truly great experience.
Spreading the Word –
– Meeting new folks and experiencing games that you may not have seen before is just the first step. We’ve also created an environment for gamers to share their YouTube/Twitch/etc presences. This has also been a great facilitator for tournaments and more.

When you support this Patreon, you are supporting all of the above and for that, I want to say ‘Thank You’. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to take on the financial costs to maintain the server side of the house.
If you haven’t joined our Discord server, feel free to jump in:
– JMegs