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Happy Holidays from Megacycle Entertainment!

Good Day, Gamers!
  November and December are moving quickly for us here at Megacycle Entertainment and I wanted to give a quick recap from the year.
  First, some good news. On December 10th, Megacycle Entertainment turned 6 years old. It was 6 years ago that I first started my YouTube channel and with that, started to build up Skype/TeamSpeak and the first MotleyCraft Minecraft server. I was meeting folks from not only here in the States but across the globe. I never thought I’d meet such a diverse crowd of people and I’m delighted to have met every single one of you.
  Secondly, be sure to let me know how the Megacycle Entertainment hosted game servers and such have been working for you. Since we transferred hosts about 2 months ago, I want to ensure that we are ‘getting what we are paying for’, so to speak. Also, if there are any games that you’d like to see hosted, be sure to let me know.
  With the new year coming around the corner, let me know if you’d like assistance hosting up a tournament or two. I can personally help with sign-ups, brackets, communication and anything else you’d need. If there is any way I can help out, give a holler.
  Lastly, I’d like to personally thank you all for being a part of this gaming community. Without you, there wouldn’t be much here and each and every one of you adds to the conversation. Thank you for being here and I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

 – JMegs