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I’m John Megacycle, Ask Me Anything

I always wanted to do one of these AMAs. Ask Me Anything is a format where anyone can ask…. well… someone anything that you’d like to ask them. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Feel free to hit me up with any questions in the comments below. πŸ˜€

Maybe it would help if I shared a bit about myself first to break the ice. I’m a 34 year old chap who runs Megacycle Entertainment. That includes my Youtube channel, Twitch channel, Discord server, several servers (game hosting) and this website you are currently reading this on. I try to run tournaments and organize games with people from around the world. On top of that, I work a 9-5 just like anyone else, so my life is quite busy to be sure.

Over the last 6 1/2 years, I’ve seen Megacycle Entertainment begin from a Minecraft server with 6 players and a TeamSpeak server with 10 gamers into something more than I ever imagined. I currently host a slew of games and now a Discord server with almost 300 gamers. That being said, I haven’t don’t all this alone. There have been a lot of people in the background, helping on the administration side and without them, I know that we wouldn’t be in the place that we are today.

I’m looking forward to whatever you’d like to throw at me, so hit me up with whatever you’d like to ask.

– JMegs

8 thoughts on “I’m John Megacycle, Ask Me Anything”

  1. khaled99069

    what is your favourite color and why is it pink ?
    what is your favourite food πŸ˜›
    also you are a really great guy cant imagine how tiring it is to manage all that at once thanks for doing that and creating a nice environment for people to get entertained and make new friends <3

    1. JohnMegacycle

      Lol, my ‘favorite’ color is pink because I look fabulous in it. xD
      My favorite food is anything in the heavy carb/meat family. Italian, Greek and Chinese food would be my top 3 food ‘genres’. I’m not really one for chocolate or desserts in general, but a plate full of pasta will make me beg for seconds every time. #RIPmyWasteLine
      I really appreciate your kind words. Also, let me say that the community is better since you have joined as well. Though you can’t play many games, it’s cool when we are able to play together. πŸ˜€

    1. JohnMegacycle

      Ah, that’s a fair question. I don’t think I’ve ever answered that.
      When I was growing up, my dad wanted my sister and I to be well rounded folks, especially in terms of comedy. So there was a lot of exposure to comedians, joke radio and similar that was easily from another era (old). One
      such ‘radio’ comedy duo was Bob (Elliot) and Ray (Goulding). The specifics of their show and their careers can be found here:

      There was an interview (skit) that they did about how (old) TV’s had an ‘afterglow’ in the center of the screen when you shut them off. This was the time when CRT was the standard format and LCD tech, and even proper color, was unheard of. This interview starts off talking with one Rudolph Megacycle and how he was responsible for the ‘afterglow’.

      Rudolph was a gentleman who, when someone shut off their TV, flipped a switch on a, and I quote, ‘a mammoth control panel’ to activate the afterglow. The conversation continued, stating that this process was critical for the function of the TV and that the process costed the government millions of dollars to maintain. Absurdity continues as Rudolph also reveals that he has been trying to work with captains of industry to try to get advertisement on the afterglow or an audio message saying, ‘this glow brought to you by so-and-so’.

      It was wacky and ridiculous and made me laugh every single time I heard it. The name stuck and has been working out for me ever since. πŸ˜€

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