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Making a Career of It

Good Day Gamers,
I wrote this quick blurb as I’m seeking your advice on something that may change my channel, for better or worse. Your feedback is appreciated and thanks for reading this over.

Recently, I’ve crossed a threshold and I’ve been asked to partner with several companies to monetize and optimize my YouTube channel. Though there are a lot of options out there, and I would like to turn this into a career, I’m holding back from monetizing my videos with ads. The reality is that I’d like to do this completely on my own, without external assistance, which reduces the amount of ads I would need to run to raise the same amount of money. Let it be known that at this time, I am making nothing, and I’m happy with that.

I knew that this was going to be a ‘long haul’ kind of a project, but I’m hopeful and determined to see my dream of becoming a professional gamer come to life. I knew it would take a few years to establish a loyal fan base, and I’m determined to do that more and more every day. I’m dedicated to create what you like and I’m happy to do it.

Here is my question to you, my fans and the community. If I were to enable ads on my videos and accept donations, would that be an acceptable course of action or would it be a severe enough of a turn-off? As of now, I’m personally eating the costs of my Minecraft server and this website and any amount would help. Please note that this isn’t a plea for help, but I’m asking you for guidance as I respect the opinions of my fans and followers.

Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to give this a read. I appreciate it.
– John Megacycle

8 thoughts on “Making a Career of It”

  1. Warmach1ne32

    I don’t care about ads since I could just mute it take a water break and go back after the ads finished and replay the missed scene. And hey if it can get better content in the future I’ll still watch it. The one who dislike to wait for 5 seconds for the skip ads button are a very vocal minority. Anyway when do you think you can post a new Age of Aggression or General’s Shockwave video? Because those are my favorite segments right now since I finished watching all of the C&C content at you Youtube site.

  2. Sebbi

    I HATE ADS, I really do. But I accept one in the beginning and one in the end, and one in the middle if the video is around 1 hour long. And if you can get the smal one that just shows in a little box that you can removed at once. It would be perfect.
    I have been following some youtubers, and the same thing is happening. In the beginning they don’t have any ads, then it starts with every 30 min and ends up with almost every 5 min. Then I will never watch any of their videos again.
    I have watch every video that you have of C&C (these are the reason i’m following you channel), and you have the only channel that i’m following. I have tried to watch some streams on YT. But they have never worked properly. Maybe you should try to stream on twitch. And stream more often.
    I don’t care for minecraft and the older rts games. (some times i watch them.) Don’t get me wrong. I grew up with Dune 2, Red Alert, Age of empire 1 and 2 and others. And I love those games. But times go on, and i have no interest in watching or playing them again. (except for red alert).
    It’s okay to bring up old and forgotten games from the past. But don’t make to much episodes if the view count goes down.
    One more thing :p. I don’t like to wait for days for your tournamets to come out on yt.

    Good luck to you, and I hope your channel will get alot bigger! (sorry for my bad english :P)

    1. JohnMegacycle

      Quite the reply and I appreciate the feedback. I hope I address everything, so If I miss something, just let me know. ^_^
      Recently, I was considering becoming partnered with a few companies, which in short would have added ads all over my videos and would have taken a cut from the money earned. To avoid this, I want to see how far I can make it on my own and decided to only ad ads in the beginning of the video. This way, I can personally collect some money to support this site and other projects that I hope to start, without asking for money directly. I have created a Patreon/PayPal site for those that would like to donate directly, but you’ll never hear me begging for handouts.
      As for the games, I do agree with you as my heart is also in the core RTS games that I’ve grown up with. However, I still like to do some side games, even if they don’t bring in a lot of views. Startopia and KKND were two games that added a lot to me, emotionally and otherwise, so I do want to include them among others.
      Editing, especially in terms of tournaments, take a while to do and do properly. Audio balancing and other factors can add a lot of time before any videos that I produce are YouTube ready. I’ll try to make those a priority in the future, and I appreciate the feedback.
      In summary, thanks again for the notes and I still hope to make my channel an excellent viewing experience for you and all.

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