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Constant Expansion Underway

Good Day to all you fabulous folks out there. Your ol’ pal John Megacycle, signing in to give you some updates on the goings-on for the Megacycle Entertainment Discord Server, Gaming Systems and Community at large.

Firstly, a bit of permissions cleanup from the Discord side and even more from the Megacycle Entertainment server. Getting things tidy is always a good thing. That being said, thanks to your support, I was able to increase the Down/Up speeds from my ISP. This is a bit of a jump from what we had before, so be sure to let me know if there are any issues with the game servers hosted, here at Megacycle Entertainment, so we can get to debugging them quickly.

Secondly, I will say that after using Discord for quite some time now, it has been a solid evolution in chat/voice and overall communication. As a group, we’ve gone from Skype, to TeamSpeak and now to Discord and I think we would have to be very very hard pressed to ever have to find a different solution. It’s been rolling very well for us and it’s always a relief to not have to worry about keeping in touch with your gaming pals. Feel free to chime in and join us

Lastly, we’ve been keeping all the servers on Megacycle Entertainment running smoothly and are always looking for feedback of our members. Thanks again for being a part of this awesome gaming community.

– JMegs