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An Ever Evolving Platform

It can be difficult and daunting to running a gaming group. No doubt about it. Even a social circle of a dozen close friends can seem like a lot to manage, especially if people aren’t on the same page. Enter, the challenge.

Personally, I was always hoping that I’d get to this level, a thriving (but not huge) YouTube channel, a wonderful gaming group and a ton of people that I can call friends, allies, comrades, teammates and more. Even with the challenges of running the show, I always feel that things have gone very well for me and that I’m thankful to have met everyone of my fans, Discord Server members and fellow gamers. Definitely, there has been a huge payoff as I feel I’ve experienced more then I ever would have otherwise. An absolute win.

In addition to my personal efforts, the same applies to my gaming servers and infrastructure. It has gone through changes and upgrades throughout the years and must adapt constantly to survive. Modifications happen, almost daily, to ensure that the Megacycle Entertainment site and systems keep running and run strong. The upside to that is the fact that I’m constantly learning and developing skills that can translate to my job and other projects, easily.

All that being said, I’m thankful everyday for where I’m at and I don’t regret one bit of the effort and energy I (and all the admins and moderators) have put in to making this community a happy and stress-free place for folks to relax and game together. I hope to see you here, on the ME site, on YouTube, Discord or wherever I may find you. Take care and thanks for the ride so far.