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Command and Conquer Multiplayer Fix – Revora

Good Day Commanders,
It’s been a while since this has been news, but since I’ve answered this question so often in my YouTube comments, I thought I’d mention it here in better detail.
As you all know, or don’t, the multiplayer capability of all of the Command and Conquer games no longer works, since the service was originally hosted through a matchmaking service called GameSpy. That service has long been bought/sold/decommissioned and no longer serves the purpose it once did. Enter the scene, Revora.
Located at Revora takes the place of the GameSpy servers, allowing you to play other gamers the world over, in the same manner that the game expects. This works wonderfully if you don’t have some friends already playing with Hamachi, Evolve or GameRanger to connect with. It’s free to signup and connect and I can attest that it works quite well.
I hope you good luck in your battles to come, commander.
– JMegacycle