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Announcing An AOD Generals Zero Hour Tournament!

Good Day to you all!
I’m pleased to announce that we are opening sign-ups for a new kind of Generals tournament. Normally, these sorts of things are 1v1 battles that only resolve when a player’s base is destroyed. Not with this tournament. Welcome to the first Art of Defense tournament!

Megacycle Entertainment AOD Tournament
– Any connection method allowed, see this link how to connect:
– Gentool required
– No use of bugs (laser force fire, drop zone bug, SCUD bug, etc)
– Best of 3
– No attacking each other directly/indirectly. No interfering the other player. – Players are on the same team
– Players can choose any faction
– $50,000 Starting Cash A player loses when an enemy unit crosses the map in their lane. On the last wave, a player wins when they are first to destroy ALL of the units in their lane. Replays to be posted in the #replays channel on the Discord server.

Maps: For each round a new map is introduced. Map altering is not allowed. At the start of a match both players should already have the same version of the map, if that is not the case tell your opponent to download the map from the tournament Discord server.

There is a new Discord server that was created to facilitate the tournament:

The signups for the tournament end on December 8th and the matches begin on the 11th. Hope to see you there!