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Discord Server Update – Community Server

Good day all!
I know that this year has been a rough one for all of us, but I hope that things are going well for each of you and that your families are healthy and safe. I have just a quick update for today’s post, concerning the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server.

I’ve started taking the first few steps to make the ME Discord server a ‘Public/Community’ server. This means that it will be searchable within Discord itself, making it more accessible to more people. This is an awesome status to have and it is something that we, as a community, are working towards.

The only thing standing in the way of this is that we need a lot more members in order to unlock some of this functionality. New members will come with time, but there is something really cool that we were able to unlock: The Welcome Screen.

Megacycle Entertainment welcome screen

This shiny new screen gives a much more warm and direct feeling for new members, instead of a huge wall of text. I feel this is a great improvement from default welcoming methods and is a wonderful step in the right direction.

That was all I really had for this update. Feel free to join us on Discord and meet some new friends as we all journey into the world of gaming together:

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you there!
– John Megacycle