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7 Days to Die Base Ideas – The Octopus

Whenever I start up a new game of 7 Days to Die, I always try to seek out a new base format. Sometimes I go big, sometimes small or even sometimes I just repurpose something that’s already out there in the world. With our current server on Megacycle Entertainment, I wanted to go something ‘incredibly functional’ as opposed to something that was flashy. Today I present to you our community base, ‘The Octopus’.

The Octopus base, outside view.

As you can see in he picture above, we have a ‘core’ in the center, where all the manufacturing, processing, sleeping, storage happens. On the outside of this ‘core’ we have 8 extensions that are reinforced with concrete, two SMG turrets and more than enough spikes that may hurt your eyes just looking at them. The initial idea wasn’t to keep zeds away from the extensions, or ‘legs’ in this case, but to get them inside a veritable kill-zone. You’ll see exactly what I mean in the upcoming pictures.

A closer view of an extension (outside-view), or as I like to call them ‘legs’.

Each leg has a few layers of spikes on them, just to ensure that any baddies are dissuaded if they wanted a taste of the outer structure. The outer structure isn’t necessary for the inner core, but connecting everything gave it a real Rubik’s Cube sort of a feel to it. However, as the base was being developed (before all the connections) it resembled a lot like an octopus, perched and legs stretched. After chatting about it with the rest of the players on the server, the name just stuck.

A closer view of an extension (inside-view), with turrets.

Now comes the real damage. πŸ˜€
With the system fully charged and running, pairs of turrets (shown in the above picture) can train on an enemy and fill them full of brass and lead in a very short order. Each of these extensions are the same distance apart and are evenly spaced between each other (You can kinda see that better in the first picture). That means that the turrets won’t really fire upon a target until it is ‘within the leg-kicking range of the Octopus’. At that point, anywhere from 2-6 will go crazy on a single target.

External shot of the Octopus ‘core’.

Now you might ask, ‘Hey JMegs, what happens if the power is out, or the turrets are offline?’. That a darn good question, person who doesn’t exist. For that eventuality, I’ve wrapped the core in about 4 layers of wooden spikes. Wood is my usual material of choice as it is incredibly easy to procure and requires no extra refining. Yes, I agree, iron/steel lasts a lot longer, but the investment required to create those materials (not to mention the clay) can be a lot for only a few people in a base.

Inside of the ‘core’, facing the front door.

According to the current Zed-pathing rules, Zombies LOVE doors. I really with I meant the band, but no. If it’s a bit of wood, affixed to a wall, designed for opening and closing, they will go insane over it. That means that a little extra precaution is required to ensure this space stays plenty safe. They haven’t gotten past the front door so far, but I’m always cautious.

Center of the ‘core’. Stairs leading up to the small farm. A Generator and a Battery Bank are mounted to the pillar.

Nothing much to add here, really. Power generation, power storage and a path leading up to the farm. I find that farms are ultra-critical in the first 60 days and then after that, they don’t really do much instead of maybe converting them from food production to cash-crops. I’m looking at you, hops.

Storage, manufacturing, smelting, chemistry portion of the base.

And maybe the least interesting (but most important) part of the base. This is where storage, smelting and other necessary processes happen. It’s not very attractive, but as I mentioned, I was aiming for a more functional base this time as opposed to something that looked fancy.

I think that wraps it up. This was a lot of fun to do and I’m looking forward to the next server reset, on Megacycle Entertainment, so I can try some new build ideas I have. If you’d like to join us, all the information is located here:

Thanks for checking out my build and I hope to see you there. πŸ˜€
– JMegs