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Making the ME Mark in Creeper World 4

I had some spare time in between work meetings and work related activities and I wanted to create a few new maps in Creeper World 4. I’m honestly a huge fan of the Creeper World series and I feel that the games play well, are have a solid learning curve and provide enough difficulty to keep me hooked for a long time. If you aren’t familiar with the premise, imagine a ‘gray goo’ scenario where absolutely everything goes absolutely haywire and you have to piece everything back together.

Now on to the maps!
Our first map is a simple one, but requires a quick set of hands. I’d emphasize that you use a heavy air force to build some buffer time in between the wave attacks. Get some missiles/snipers online as quickly as possible. You’ll need something to beat back the nonsense as you push forward. If a struggle is what you seek, and a strong air battle sounds like a good time, I’d recommend Megacycle Air Parade.

Next, I took a stab at using the ‘convert image to terrain’ capability of the map editor and I threw the MK2 version of the Megacycle Entertainment logo at it. Needless to say I was very impressed with how it handled it. It took me about 3 hours to balance this map appropriately. The resources that the player needs to get going and the enemies that are required to make it a challenge was a bit to cover but it was very worth it. I’d recommend the ‘Megacycle Entertainment Logo’ map if you are looking for something more of a logistical challenge.

If that sounds at all interesting, and you’d like to give the maps a try, you can get Creeper World 4 here:

Thanks for your time and I hope to catch you next time. 😀