Welcome to Megacycle Entertainment

Hi there guy, gals, fans and pals! I’m John Megacycle, and I created Megacycle Entertainment back in 2012 to host a common place for me and my gamer friends. Today, it has well evolved from my close circle of friends to a full-fledged community that invites everyone to the table. We provide a welcoming environment for gamers of all walks of life, promoting tolerance, open-mindedness and amazing video games.

Have a passion for a game, new or old? Start a conversation in the Forums and meet someone who shares your passion to game. I have been filling the Forums with tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years and I’m a firm believer of ‘knowledge is power’. We all get stronger by sharing our tactics and strategies, opening each of us up to new experiences and ways to see something that we may have seen before in a new light. Share your thoughts and gameplay tips and we can all learn from each other. In addition to the Forums, we have a live and vibrant Discord server that is open to everyone.

I want to ensure that gamers are the foundation of everything we do. Have an idea or feedback to make the site better? Reach out to us and let us know. This place is a gaming site for sharpshooters, strategists, veterans, commanders, snipers, managers, gods, leaders and players who are new to the gaming world. Welcome, to Megacycle Entertainment. I hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you for checking us out.

~John Megacycle, CEO of Megacycle Entertainment