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Updates, Rework and More

Good Evening Gamers,
In between work, recording episodes and all other busy bits of life, I’ve been working quite a bit on cleaning up the site, here, and have a few updates to share with you.

First, my Patreon page has been tweaked quite a bit and now is up to date with the new profile pages, which were just released a few days ago. I really like the look and feel of this new layout and I’ll be posting there, through the creator posts system. In addition, I’m thinking about releasing exclusive episodes through Patreon, only visible to supporters. Check out the new page and layout at

Next, I think I’ll be making the tournaments more rare, but will replace those events with ‘Gaming Sessions’. This will be a less formal approach, allowing more people of varying skill levels to join. Be sure to place your votes for times you are available here

Finally, over the next few weeks, I hope to completely redo the forums. I don’t think they turned out the way I wanted them to, and I really want this to be a place where more gamers are communicating and setting up game sessions with each other.

Thanks for giving this a look and I hope to see you around.
-John Megacycle