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Minecraft Creative Build-Off Challenge – July 2021 – Forge Theme – Completed!

Good Afternoon!
I’m delighted to announce the winner of the July 2021 Forge Minecraft Build-Off competition. It’s honestly been a while since we had a proper competition, so this was long overdue. We had quite a few different styles that were built, on the Forge/Blacksmith theme, and this was an absolute treat.

The winners this round were PaladinShotgun and AlienCows. Their builds were amazing and I’m delighted that we had such a diverse collection of builds. As always, the link for Imgur is below and you can check out all of the wonderful creations that were on display.

In addition to this competition, I’ve also had some excellent help rebuilding the ‘Proving Grounds’ area on the server. This is where the competitions are held and where the winner’s builds are saved. We’ve more than doubled the size of it, giving much more spacing for each builder and a lot more room for photo opportunities.

Thanks again to all who participated! If you’d like to join the next Build-Off Competition, be sure to join our Discord server.