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Minecraft Creative Build-Off Challenge – September 2021 – Bunker Theme – Completed!

Good day all,
Today kicks off a new Creative Build-Off Challenge on the Creative Minecraft server. This theme is going to be a ‘Bunker’ theme. This build is open to interpretation, as always.

Is this a post-apocalyptic bunker where the last remains of humanity survive?
Is this a storehouse with life sustaining functions like a small farm?
Do some animals, such as cattle, reside here as well?
Are there weapons stashed away?
Is it a luxury retreat for those who are much better off?
Or maybe it’s just stocked wall-to-wall with twinkies and canned meat. xD

Those who are interested in participating will need to:
– Join the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server (Join using the sidebar on the right)
– Accept the rules on the server, to gain access to the rest of the rooms
– Message a member of staff, mentioning that you’d like a plot of land to work with
– Connect to the Minecraft server and enjoy!

All of the connection details, server information and rules are located in Discord and are pinned for easy reference. This competition will run from August 16th, 2021 until September 17th, where the creations will be locked down and voting will occur. Winner of this competition will walk away with a 20$ Steam gift card and their creation immortalized in the ‘Winners Circle’, where all of the other winning builds have been kept. Second place will receive a 10$ Steam gift card.

Good luck to all who are looking to participate!

*UPDATE! The build is completed and the builds can be seen online here: