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OpenTTD 20 Year Tournament

Welcome all to the Megacycle Entertainment OpenTTD 20 Year Tournament! I wanted to see how an OpenTTD format would go and it went amazingly! What I did was setup separate servers, one for each player, and with a little password protection, we were on our way. But let’s take a moment to talk about what this tournament entailed.

The objective of this tournament was pretty straight forward. Having the greatest Company Value at the end of 20 years is a clean way to determine victory. Everyone started off with $200k to their name (in debt, of course) and no limits other than time. All players were given 2 IRL weeks to finish up their runs and could have done it at any pace they would have preferred. Get the cash anyway you can and build up an empire worthy of the name ‘Winner of the Tournament’.

This was something that I’ve wanted to test for a while and having a single server, for everyone to join into, wouldn’t be fair for players who lived in different parts of the world. Having an individual instance (pausing when inactive) was a perfect way to facilitate this style of match. This way it had a very relaxed vibe while still being a competition.

That being said, the two weeks have come and gone and the tournament winners have been declared. Below is a playlist containing as many of the runs of the players as I could get and a short summary video. I also want to say ‘Thank You’ to all who participated and if you’d like to join this, or other tournaments, feel free to join us on Discord for updates and announcements.

JMegs Playthough Video:
Summary Video:

– JMegs