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OpenTTD “Humble Beginnings” Tournament

Welcome all to another OpenTTD Tournament! We’ve used the same format as last time and are running with a new theme that I like to call ‘Humble Beginnings’. Every player was given 2 IRL weeks to complete a 20 year run with only having $80k in available capital (or to say, $80k in available debt lol). They were all given a password protected server and could complete the challenge at whatever pace they would like.

The overall vibe was perfect for this one as well. The entire 20 years takes about 4 1/2 hours to run and could have been done in however many sittings as the player felt necessary. For myself, I’ve had a very busy life lately, so I just did the whole thing in one go. That worked out great and, for others, they were able to stream their runs and provide immediate feedback for each other, which I felt strengthened the community. I’m really delighted how this one turned out. 😀

That being said, the two weeks have come and gone and the tournament winners have been declared. Below is a playlist containing as many of the runs of the players as I could get and a short summary video. I also want to say ‘Thank You’ to all who participated and if you’d like to join this, or other tournaments, feel free to join us on Discord for updates and announcements.

JMegs Playthrough Video:
Summary Playthrough Video:

– JMegs