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OpenTTD “Truck Lord” Tournament

Yeah, you guessed it! It’s another OpenTTD Tournament hosted by myself and Megacycle Entertainment! When I started these a few months ago, I didn’t realize they would be in such a high demand. I’ve been getting asked ‘when is the next tournament’ a few times a week which is WAY more than the ‘no times’ I was asked before. xD

The theme for this one is ‘Truck Lord’ which puts a heavy emphasis on using road vehicles over trains/aircraft/boats. I was honestly thinking this one might have been a little more on the slow side, but after my run, I can say that it was a delightful event and the pacing was perfect. Here were the rules of the match:
– Map Size: 512×512
– Max Loan: $500k USD
– Max Trains: 4
– Max Boats: 20
– Max Aircraft: 8
– Max Trucks: 5000
Duration (Game): 1980-2000
Duration (IRL): 4 hours and 30 mins to 5 hours
Tournament Duration: 2 Weeks (Deadline July7th, 2023)

When the tournament wraps up, I’ll include a link to the summary video. Want to join the next tournament? Be sure to join our Discord server and meet some new friends along the way.
– JMegs

JMegs Playthough Video:
Summary Video: