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OpenTTD “Candy Land” Tournament

OpenTTD Tournaments have been really popular lately and this is another one hosted by myself and Megacycle Entertainment! We did a vote for this one and the winning theme was ‘Candy Land’. That means we will be playing the ‘Candy’ themed map with no changes or additions.

The interesting part of this tournament is every single player said that they weren’t familiar with the industries or layouts that come with the theme. Though the base premise is going to be the same (transport things) it will still be interesting to see what players emphasize in their runs. Here were the rules of the match:
– Map Size: 512×512
– Max Loan: $500k USD
– Duration (Game): 1980-2000
– City Layout: 3×3
– Fund New Industry: Enabled
– Duration (IRL): 4 hours and 30 mins to 5 hours
– Tournament Duration: 2 Weeks (Aug 3rd – Aug 17th)

When the tournament wraps up, I’ll include a link to the summary video. Want to join the next tournament? Be sure to join our Discord server and meet some new friends along the way.
– JMegs

JMegs Playthough Video:
Summary Video: