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OpenTTD “Desert Theme” Tournament

Get ready for the first OpenTTD tournament of the year! This one is going to be really simple as it’s a straight-forward “Desert Theme” Really, that’s it. Some of the resources are different but the game will mostly play the same way. The player with the most company value will be the victor.

Here were the rules of the match:
– Map Size: 512×512
– Max Loan: $500k USD
– Duration (Game): 1980-2000
– City Layout: 3×3 (Town restricted from building roads)
– Fund New Industry: Enabled
– Duration (IRL): 4 hours and 30 mins to 5 hours
– Tournament Duration: 3 Weeks (Jan 9th – Jan 30th) 2024
– NewGRF: Raised Landscape Costs, First Name Cities
– Theme: Desert

When the tournament wraps up, I’ll include a link to the summary video. Want to join the next tournament? Be sure to join our Discord server and meet some new friends along the way.

JMegs Playthrough Video:
Summary Video: