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Mission Objectives Update – 4/17/2016

Good Day Gamers,
I’ve been giving a lot of thought on the current state of the gaming community that I’m trying to foster and what the overall plan is for the future. I shared this information with my weekly gaming crew, people who I consider to be core members, and I received some solid feedback and advice on what I proposed. Today, I’m willing to share these ideas with you and I hope to hear what you think about it. To keep this simple, I’ve broken it down to three points:

1> Add new Game Group Leaders and administrators to the website.
In short, I’ve been looking for administrators to help out with the website, as YouTube, and everything that comes with it, has become a bit of a part-time job. That may not sound bad, but I work plenty already with my regular full time job, so let’s just say that means a lot of screen time…  For game group leaders, I’m working with some of the gamers from Europe to host earlier sessions, in addition to the Saturday Game Session that I personally host.

2> Teachers, Trainers and those willing to learn.
I’d like to break the site, and those who are on it, into three levels of expertise on a per game basis. These levels will be renamed later, but for simplicity they are:
Level 1 – Players who are new to a game and are interested in learning basic game concepts and tips.
Level 2 – Players who understand the game, and have played the game for some time and who are familiar with the game lingo.
Level 3 – A master level, one who has an advanced understanding of the game, knowing tips, tricks and possible ‘hacks’ to optimize gameplay and efficiency.

I’m hoping to get people interested in a genre or a particular game encouraged to learn with playing with someone directly.
For example, If I want to learn how to play an RTS game I’m not familiar with, I hope to find a Level 2 or 3 player and play with them to learn the game concepts.
With this breakdown, the plan is to have a few Level 3 players identify themselves and mentor people who are at Level 1 or 2.

3> Possible Collaboration Efforts.
This is more in the distant future, but as we get more gamers involved, and the community grows, I hope to do more collaboration events

This is the bulk of what I shared with my groups and again, I hope to hear what you think of it.
Thanks for giving some of your time and reading this, I appreciate it.

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