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Getting Connected to Play With The Crew

Hey there fellow gamer,
So, you want to game with me and my crew? Sounds great, but there are a few applications I would ask that you have setup first.
Here are the details:
We use Tunngle for the networking game client (for Non-Steam games) with Discord for VoIP
This allows us to play networking games that no longer have a hosting server, such as the Command and Conquer games that used to use GameSpy.

Discord is our main gathering area for gamers and players of all kinds.
Steam name is Megacycle557 and the application can be found here:
Tunngle can be found here: and to connect with me and the crew.
– If you are a YouTube or Twitch streamer, you are able to record/stream the event, but ask me first
Let me know if you have any questions.

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