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Getting Connected to Play With The Crew

Hey there fellow gamer,
So, you want to game with me and my crew? Sounds great, but there are a few applications I would ask that you have setup first.
Here are the details:
We use Tunngle for the networking game client (for Non-Steam games) with Discord for VoIP
This allows us to play networking games that no longer have a hosting server, such as the Command and Conquer games that used to use GameSpy.

Discord is our main gathering area for gamers and players of all kinds.
Steam name is Megacycle557 and the application can be found here:
Tunngle can be found here: and to connect with me and the crew.
– If you are a YouTube or Twitch streamer, you are able to record/stream the event, but ask me first
Let me know if you have any questions.

22 thoughts on “Getting Connected to Play With The Crew”

  1. Kyle

    If you use Evolve and Hamachi for non-steam games, what do you use when you play steam games? I’m asking because I’m currently using the steam versions of Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars/Kane’s Wrath,and Red Alert 3, and Evolve doesn’t seem to work for me, I try logging in to the client but it doesn’t respond for whatever reason, I do have Hamachi though but I’m not connected to any Hamachi network. At present if I were to play online I would be using C&C online, do any of you guys use it too?

    1. JohnMegacycle

      Good day,
      The assumption is that Steam handles a lot of the networking needs for the games it sells. I agree that C&C titles may be the exception to that statement. For the most part, we have used Hamachi, Evolve and once in a while C&C online. I can provide a Hamachi network for you to connect to. Also, if Evolve hangs, you may have to reinstall it, or at least the network driver that comes with it.
      I hope that helps.

  2. Sebbi

    For those who have been as smart as me, and downgraded to win 10, and have trouble connecting up to evolve. All you have to do is right click ”My Computer” on the desktop/start button > Properties > Device Manager > Network Adapters: Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter > Right Click > Properties > Advanced and set the value to 0 under default option ”Mac Address” then save and your done. Restart the computer and you should be online.

  3. Kyle

    I just tried reinstalling Evolve and it still isn’t working for me, curiously though I didn’t find any Evolve network drivers on my computer after I installed and reinstalled Evolve, I wonder if it has to do with my computer though, it’s a windows 7 professional 64-bit operating system with an Intel duo core 2 processor.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Kyle

    Hi JMegacycle I know it’s been a while since my last post but would you still be able to provide a Hamachi network for me to connect to? I’d really like to play Command and Conquer games with you guys and hopefully someone can train and teach me a few things about playing against other people and against the hard and brutal level ai, preferably someone with an advanced level of expertise.

      1. Kyle

        I tried using every method described in the link and Evolve is still not working, it tells me it’s connecting when I try to log in but it doesn’t go through and I checked the Evolve network driver that for some reason I couldn’t find before and it seems to be working right, but other than that Evolve still doesn’t work for me. Sorry JMegs but if I can’t get Evolve to work for me then I guess I won’t be able to play with you guys.

      1. Kyle

        Hi JMegacycle, I tried getting a hold of you on Skype yesterday and today but it always seems like you’re busy, and for some reason my last 3 attempts to contact you simply didn’t go through at all, do you think you can tell me when it would be a good time to try and get a hold of you, I live in Central Ontario, Canada so you and I might be in different timezones too.

        1. JohnMegacycle

          There were a few reasons for the misfires. First, you didn’t add me as a contact and you tired to call me directly. This means that I didn’t see any of your information, so I thought your contact was a spam account, since I get a lot of ‘unknown’ callers. Because of that, I simply blocked you after the third call. Second, I messaged you on Skype, but you have the ‘anyone can contact me’ disabled and since we aren’t contacts, you didn’t receive the messages.
          My recommendation, for me and others, is that you add the user as a contact, identifying yourself, then you can communicate with text and then a call.

  5. Kyle

    Hey JMegacycle are you having problems with Skype or something? I Messaged you yesterday but you didn’t get back to me yet and you kept going offline right after coming online both yesterday and today, Is everything alright?

    1. JohnMegacycle

      I agree that there seems to be either a delay or something between our Skype messages. I just sent a few more and I believe you received them. Don’t forget, I work usually 45-52 hour work weeks and I move around a lot, so it’s common for me to lose signal on my mobile, which will sometimes set me to offline/online in a seemingly random fashion.

  6. Kyle

    That’s very weird because I can’t seem to find your messages anywhere, and I’ve looked everywhere too, and I know I’ve set it so that anyone can call and message me too.

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