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This is all excellent and thank you for the tips/advice.
1. We are currently playing version 1.04, since I wasn’t sure how many people were going to show up I thought it would be almost impossible to ensure everyone was on the same version, one that wasn’t official. Still, I’ll take this into consideration for next time.
2/3/4. That is a very true point. I will need to keep those in mind for next time and yeah, I kinda forgot about the fairly critical upgrades from the Nuke Silo.
5. I covered this in another post, but in short, that’s a valid point, and I may change over to ‘Limit Superweapons’ as the tournaments mature and more players participate.

You aren’t obnoxious and I appreciate your feedback. No one who plays with me is a hardened professional. We are just gamers who game and you are welcome to join any tournament. ^_^
-John Megacycle