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Generals ZH – Messing Around 2 (2015-10-22)

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      Ref this video. I believe this may be a better place to discuss than under the Youtube-video itself, because… well, Youtube-comments.

      Fair warning: I am a horrible multitasker and possibly an even worse backseat gamer. While I may notice some things when looking at you playing, there’s no way I’d be able to (reliably) replicate any of the suggestions I have myself in-game. Bottom line; if I come across as obnoxious rather than helpful, let me know.

      1. Are you playing 1.04 (the last official patch) or 1.06 (the generally accepted more balanced fan patch)? There are some blatant balance issues with 1.04, to put it mildly. If you’re not familiar with it, take a look at the detailed changelist. If you already are playing 1.06, never mind me.

      2. It seemed to me that you had a hard time attacking Thrax with Shin Fai (the tank general). Because of the threat of Jarmen Kell and possibly hijackers, I think the best counter is mass Battlemaster spam (well, in 1.06, at least) with a few gattling tanks and some key dragon tanks. Set up flame walls on the dragon tanks on their structures, particularly static defenses and Arms Dealers. The tanks handle and gattlings handle the direct opposition. The goal should be to take out their economy, not blow them up entirely.

      3. The tank general is in many ways much better suited to rushing early than just teching up. I know you don’t like him, but when you’re handed him you might as well try to use his best assets. In particular, I think you had way too small standing army (mobile, not static) most of the early game. An early flank from either of your opponents would’ve wrecked your game.

      4. Was it intentional, or did you forget to buy the upgrades at the Nuke Silo?

      5. I hope you’ll consider limiting superweapons next time you’re playing against a human player. While I feel superweapons has their place, I’d like to see more regular battler rather than a frantic arms race to see who has more.

      Again, let me know if I’m being obnoxious. While I think it’d be fun to play against you, I’m really not good at this game at all. Or any other RTS for that matter; multi-tasking just isn’t my forte. Still fun to watch, though, and play… occasionally.

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      This is all excellent and thank you for the tips/advice.
      1. We are currently playing version 1.04, since I wasn’t sure how many people were going to show up I thought it would be almost impossible to ensure everyone was on the same version, one that wasn’t official. Still, I’ll take this into consideration for next time.
      2/3/4. That is a very true point. I will need to keep those in mind for next time and yeah, I kinda forgot about the fairly critical upgrades from the Nuke Silo.
      5. I covered this in another post, but in short, that’s a valid point, and I may change over to ‘Limit Superweapons’ as the tournaments mature and more players participate.

      You aren’t obnoxious and I appreciate your feedback. No one who plays with me is a hardened professional. We are just gamers who game and you are welcome to join any tournament. ^_^
      -John Megacycle

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