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      So I can’t give you a time frame just yet. Because it’s totally based on my inspiration and imagination, which are prone to disappearing in random fits and spurts… I recently bought myself the C&C Ultimate collection (Yay) and have been immediately drawn back to the Zero Hour world builder, something I frequented a LOT as a younger man.

      Given some time to get the hang of the now well outdated tools and how to make them work for me, I am going to be working on creating custom “shell” maps as well as some custom story campaigns for people to play, at the moment I’m thinking they’ll be less base building focused and more story focused, but I’m sure I’ll find room for base building too.

      I’m posting this here because Jmegs is the one who got me back into ZH after a really long time, and I’m also posting this here because to the best of my knowledge everyone who comes to this site plays Zero Hour. So leave suggestions of what you’d like to see, make sure you state if you’re suggesting for a shell map or for a campaign.

      Shell maps are the maps that play in the background of the main menu, for those who don’t know. They’re non playable and non interactive, but look really cool.

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      Sir Sinclair,
      I know that we have talked a lot offline and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get to the actual replies and updates to the site, since I’ve been spending more time keeping it updated and such. Anyway, I have played your Hotline Miami 2 maps and I can’t wait to see what you come up with, in terms of Generals. I posted NinjaSquirrel’s map on this site, so that may help if you’d like any inspiration for a multiplayer map, or something to get you started. Hope to hear more from you, sir.

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