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Deadlock & Deadlock 2 Tips and Tricks

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      Greetings fellow Colony Leader!
      As you setup shop on this unclaimed land, there are a few things that you should be mindful of to ensure success for your chosen race:

      Morale is King – Each race teats morale differently but it is a critical factor for success. Even if you are playing as the Cyth (whose morale doesn’t change) or the Re’lu (who can alter the morale of other colonies), there are plenty of opportunities to benefit from morale. In short, taxation, scandals, culture and few other factors affect morale. Before you consider a war outside of your territory, be sure that you are taking care of the welfare of your own people. A rioting work force is a poor supporter for your war effort.

      Self-Sufficient Colonies are Critical – After you capture a few territories, you may have noticed that certain colonies are better for generating certain resources than others. For example, swamp territories are excellent for producing extra power and plains territories are more productive with food and wood facilities. Though it may make sense to double down on these industries, it’s very important to try to make every colony as self-sufficient as possible.
      The reason for this is very simple: Credits. For every unit of resource that needs to be transported between your colonies, more and more credits are charged against you as a fee. Keep this in mind when expanding your industries, since new structures cost money, and a big transportation cost can devastate your pocketbook, even worse than an upkeep cost for a large army.

      My Deadlock 2 Playlist:
      JMegs Deadlock 2 Playlist

      Feel free to share any tips and tricks that you’ve picked up on your colony leader career.
      May your colony blossom!

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