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      Hello there fellow engineer!
      Factorio is a a complex game for those who aren’t engineers already, but with it certainly comes a sense of accomplishment with plenty of ‘ah ha!’ or ‘Eureka’ moments to make the whole experience very worthwhile. Though I’m no expert myself, I’ve played through two series (which I’ll have linked below) and I have picked up a few tips that I’d like to pass on. Everyone will certainly have their own play style but these will hopefully help you plan ahead and avoid a few headaches.

      Play The Campaign – Even if you have a lot of friends starting up a multiplayer server, be sure to play through the campaign to learn the ins and outs. Also, be sure to check the controls options. I can’t tell you how many questions could be answered on reddit and forums with a simple ‘check your key bindings’.

      Press (ALT) – Seriously, this is important enough to be a tip on its own. Whenever you are in a game, be sure to press (ALT) to bring up a very helpful display of what machines are doing and what is putting what where. xD

      Always Over Compensate – This rule is true from the first Iron smeltery you build to the final Processing Units and Rocket Parts Assembly. If you think you have enough of something, double how many you have, then add 10, then double it again. This is especially true with Iron since so much of it is used throughout the game.

      Military Is a Priority – If you aren’t playing on a Peaceful world, military science and research will be a must. All too often, I’ve left military research (bullet speed/damage/etc) alone for too long, in favor of more fun things, and have had more than an uphill battle since my weapons weren’t up to par (or existing for that matter).

      My series:
      Bob’s Mods Playthrough (version 0.12.x)
      JMegs Factorio Bob’s Playlist

      Vanilla Playthough (version 0.12.x)
      JMegs Factorio Vanilla Playlist

      Feel free to share any tips or tricks that you may have come across.
      May the iron always be plentiful. – JMegs

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