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General FPS type game tips

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      Hello everybody ,as the title suggests I will provide you with some tips that will hopefully help you get better.

      Tip #1:LISTEN! In a lot of games there are audio clues that there is an enemy running for their lives right around the corner.So a good headset or higher volume might help you triumph over the enemy.
      What I like to do in Battlefield ,is to throw a grenade in a direction where I suspect the enemy is and listen for them to scream and give away their position.

      Tip #2:Crosshair placement.In most fps’s headshot is instant kill so when moving around a corner try to keep your crosshair at a head level or where you suspect that the enemy will be(common spots).Doing this you wont need to waste precious moments moving your crosshair to target.

      Tip #3:Watch the minimap..It is there to provide you the crucial information about the enemy so why not use it?Getting into a habit of checking map might help you flank the enemy and get the advantage over them.

      So yeah that’s it for now,good luck in the battlefield and have fun.

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      This is awesome and is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you very much for adding these valuable tips!

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