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      I wanted to do a quick brain dump of tips/tricks that are always good to remember. Imperialism can be overwhelming, but keeping a few things in mind will help quite a bit.

      Port/Depot Combo – A Port effectively does what a Depot does but also harvests fish and it doesn’t require a rail line. Where this really helps is by building a Depot and Port on the same tile. This allows a segregated rail system to access your transportation network via the Port. With the capture/loss of territory, this is critical to keep in mind when maintaining your supply lines.

      Power Over Time – In terms of Diplomacy, nations respect an ally or trading partner that is committed. That being said, it’s more impactful to do many small transactions/Grants/buy/sell with your allies and trade partners over a long period of time, rather than all in 1 turn. For example, instead of buying 10 Paper in 1 turn, but 2 paper every turn for 5 turns. The same goes with Grants. Giving a nation $1k over ten turns will yield much better results than $10k over 1 turn. Planning ahead will pay off with more dedicated trading partners and stronger alliances.

      Returning to the Workforce – In the more difficult settings, you may need more labor than the idle Prospector who has been literally sleeping for the last 30 turns. By disbanding a skilled worker (Engineer, Forester, Farmer, Miner, etc) they will return to the workforce as an Expert Worker. You won’t get the money or paper investment back, but the 4 labor points can quickly return it’s value if it helps train other workers or finish up higher tier products to be sold.

      Piracy Pays – If you saw my YouTube series, you may notice that when war is declared on a Major Nation, I move in immediately to blockade their capital. This does 2 things for me that are critical.
      First, this shuts down trade completely. The enemy nation is unable to buy/sell anything and will quickly starve off their income (money), industry (goods) and most importantly (hopefully)their food supply. With a hungry workforce, workers call in sick or may starve to death, further crippling the ability for the empire to recover.
      Second, with every interrupted trade deal, cargo ships can be captured, sunk or simply turned away. No matter the result, this means money lost for your opponent. Captured ships add to your Merchant Marine and captured goods add to your inventory. With larger deals in the late game, this can mean a huge stack of Furniture or Clothing and can really add to your bottom line.

      What tips have kept your Empire on top of Industry, Military and Diplomacy? Feel free to share anything that may have helped your Empire knock out the competition.
      – JMegs

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