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Getting Started and Tips (Hard Difficulty)

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      Banished is a fairly straightforward survival strategy game with no tech tree or military perspective. That statement doesn’t at all mean ‘bad’ as the game does a solid job providing enough challenges and difficulties along the way to keep things interesting. Even if you need some military aspect in your RTS, I would recommend still this title. Just imagine that you are going to war with nature instead and fighting to not starve to death. xD

      That all being said, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts that might help someone with a more difficult playthough. At the bottom of this is a link to my personal try on Hard difficulty and with a little perseverance, I think it’s totally doable for anyone with previous RTS experience. (Be sure to check out the easier settings if this is your first step into the game or genre.) Now, on to the tips!

      Food is King – Without food you will starve and cannibalism is NOT and option. Keep that in mind in conjunction with your tool and clothing supplies as these three item groups go hand in hand. Without clothing, people can’t stay warm during winter to work. Without tools, they can’t hunt/fish. without food, they simply die. Before slapping down more advanced product processing facilities, ensure you have enough stuff to survive the coming months.

      Trading Rules – When selecting a new map, be sure to keep trade in mind. The Trader can access your newfound village via land or water. Surrounding yourself with mountains might sound great for stone and iron reserves, but based on how the map is generated, you may block yourself out of the ability to trade.

      Product Diversity – This goes hand and hand with trading. Instead of relying on 100% on a specific food source, be sure to make your diet as varied as possible. This will ensure that if one food crop fails, you can still rely on fish or cattle for food supplies. Seeds, Cattle and other foodstuffs can be procured by the trader.

      My take on the Hard Difficulty scenario:
      JMegs Hard Playthrough

      What tips have helped you and your new village survive? Feel free to share any tricks you have as your notes may help save another town that was banished into the wilderness.

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