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      Throughout my journey and experiences of starting and supporting companies, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. I wanted to take some time to jot down some pointers that I hope will help your company turn into a thriving empire.

      Raw Resource Management – The only products that are infinite in Industry Giant 2 are agricultural items (wheat, grapes, cotton, potatoes, etc) and animal products (meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc). Other raw products, such as oil, iron, copper and quartz sand, are finite and once the materials run dry you’ll have to setup new mining structures to bring in a fresh supply. Don’t worry too much about stockpiling these products, but ensure that there are plenty of local resources to be tapped. Repositioning your industries or supply networks is a much less painful process if you recognize that it needs to be done as early as possible.

      Supply vs Demand – Demand of each product is varied based on the population of the city (specifically the area the shop is covered by) and the time of the year (season). Not only will this mess with when you get paid, but it can easily flood your warehouses with product you may not be able to sell for several months. Don’t forget, the price (and therefore the demand) can be directly changed in each shop, so be sure to find your sweet spot to match your production levels.

      Smart Routing – When giving orders to your vehicles, you can also give instructions regarding how often they leave each station which is called ‘times per month’. This can really help in regulating how much product goes where if you limit a ship or train to only transport a set amount and completely removes the need for you to ‘figure it out’ through timing.

      My Playlist is here:
      JMegs Industry Giant 2 Playthrough

      Here’s to you and your new company! Feel free to share any tips and tricks here.

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