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      Just as the title says, I am currently hosting two Factorio servers for myself and my fans. These are open for anyone to join as long as you first join the Megacycle Entertainment Discord server. This allows me to better update players and communicate if any changes are happening.

      1> Please be respectful of other people’s creations. There is plenty of room to explore and build you own base, or add on if you like. Also, please be respectful of the server and your fellow engineers.
      2> Discuss what you are doing with other members, especially if your new project will consume a lot of resources and space.
      3> I’d like to keep this as a server for me and my fans, so you won’t find it on the Multiplayer screen within Factorio; You will have to select ‘Connect to a Server’.

      That’s all I have for rules. You can reach me via the usual methods and Discord if you have any questions.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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