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      Idk how the forums system works but is it meant to have a sub category for each game? Like you have with KKND and KKND2?

      Because then I’ll provide a list of games I think you should add as sub categories, unless we can add them ourselves?

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      I wasn’t sure how to build the forums, so I tried to break it down by:
      Message Type > Genre > Game
      This is still a first stab, but I hope it gets the point across.
      Yes, I’m happy to add as many groups as we would like, and if possible, I’d like to make a few people admins (or forum admins anyway) so that they can add more forums themselves.
      I’m happy to hear any input you may have so let me know what you think. πŸ˜€

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        Yes so I have a few examples of games that may be worthy of adding. I’m not sure what genres to put them into so I’ll just type the games:

        β€’ Minecraft (duh ?)

          β—‹ Vanilla
          β—‹ Modded (ftb, motleycrafters server!)

        β€’ Generals

          β—‹ Vanilla
          β—‹ Zero hour
          β—‹ Modded (ex. shockwave)

        β€’ Planetary Annihilation

          β—‹ Titans

        β€’ Tiberius wars

          β—‹ Kane’s wrath

        β€’ Red alert (3)
        β€’ Age of Empires (3)

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      Sounds like a great idea. Searching will be more efficient and less messy.

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        After a lot of cleanup, I’m more happy with the forums, but I know there is still a lot to do. I’ve added the categories you recommended (a new forum called ‘Sandbox’ for Minecraft) and did some straightening up. I know there is more to add, but let me know what you think so far.

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      Agreed to you both.
      I’ve been trying to find a way to import the topics en masse, but haven’t been able to find anything.
      I’ll get those added within the next few days. An alternative would be to trust either of you to also help create the pages. πŸ˜€

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      I think it’s good! πŸ˜€ I just made my first game post!
      It’s a showcase of a build I finished recently with computercraft. Have some more stuff I can spotlight from the same world.

      [CC] Cannon mail system

Viewing 4 reply threads
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