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New to the game? Best way to get started.

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      Alrights so Paladins is full of different characters with different playstyles and weapons.

      To start, pick a character that suits your style. If you’ve played a lot of fps you might go with Viktor or Kinessa. If you you like being a healer in a party then maybe ying. Just look through them and find one or two you like (two is better because someone can take your one character).

      Next play around in practice or with friends. If your thinking of going head first into causal that’s fine but usually people lose with poor team communication. So wait for your friends before you start or play in practice mode to get a feel for the game.

      Third, accept loss when it happens. Now you can win in practice/causal but losing in a causal, some people either get pissed or just give up. Instead of that thinking why you lost and how you can change you play style to win next time. Yes bad teammates exist but still consider it. For example, when I play frog isle I learned that having more front lines/tanks is better on that map. Since it’s so open you need a big part of your team sucking up damage. So always consider a loss as a lesson rather then a reason be “salty” as the king declares.

      I hope my tips helped you guys. Add anything that you think new players should do.

      – Love Ninja <3

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