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Ninja's Tips for RTS #1 – Computers/Story are not Humans

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      Well done my child you have defeated a Hard computer maybe two or you completed the campaign. Your happy proud and you think you play like a pro. To burst your bubble no.

      The first thing that comes to peoples head is, I can beat a computer so humans must be easier. It’s a false statement among a good portion of new RTS players. Player go to cnc_online and completely get destroyed, getting so salty that the lost and never seen again online, maybe i dramatised that but, it be a pain to lose all the time. So you need to understand. Computers and human are two different things.

      Computer love following a exact script making the same repetitive moves. The don’t have the brain to process the “rock, paper, scissors” scenario (what’s is good against what) so they will lose if you always choose the same weapons. Ex: They always pick a rock base army, so you pick a paper base and you always win. So computers are just puppets in the words of scripting.

      Human player on the other have that ability to…. I believe think? Yes that’s right think. They follow their own script but maybe it not exact. Like he’ll build 4 workers instead of 5 workers. Also the “rock, paper, scissors” scenario will be put into effect. He will figure out that lovely paper army is to weak to a scissor army and pretty much be the bane of you. So don’t play humans as if they were made to follow a certain rule or order.

      Several fixes are these:
      – Get good kid XD
      – Try new strategies, watch some videos of pro games (they cannot copyright their strategy, I think)
      – Watch your replays, it will tell you how they beat you
      – Practice, Practice, Practice like your life depended on it!!!!
      – Love ninja more <3

      I hope this helped. I’m no pro but at least I know good stuff. :p

      Pro video, Dominator is one of those pro I mention, you could learn a lot:
      His lovely channel that i have no relation to XD

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