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Red Alert 3 Top Secret Protocol counters

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      Did you know that the special Commander abilities can be countered? You know of the Allied Time bomb? you can shrink it to reduce the damage, have Yuriko attack it so it floats in the air and only damage air units, and if you have a Chronosphere you can return the bomb to sender. There is a wikia page showing all of the possible counters to most of the protocols.

      Other protocols stack and compliment each other. Empire’s Final Squadron get a bigger punch with Honorable Discharge (units that die explode) and Cryoshot then Time-bomb (nuf said).

      More interesting combos below.

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      True! I’ve also had a lot of fun with the Chrono Chasm as I use that as a super weapon defense. Workds wonderfully when your structures don’t take any damage from a Vacuum Imploder. ^_^

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      I never knew that… I thought the only way to deal with a Time Bomb was the Metal Wolf Chaos way – blow it up so it doesn’t blow up!
      But you can actually shrink it or throw it in the air? I thought the Time Bomb was technically like a structure or something.

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