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RTS Tips #3 – Stay in Formation!

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      Hey-o Gamers!
      As your career as a battlefield commander continues, one of things you will notice is the strengths and weaknesses of your units. Today, I want to address speed. That’s right, you gave the massive attack order, only to have your lighter and faster units arrive too soon, only to be slaughtered before your tanks and support units even show up. This is a rookie mistake and a little planning can ensure that your entire army acts as a single fighting force, arriving at the conflict at the same time.
      For Generals, selecting units and hitting + F will lock these units in ‘Formation Mode’. This will force all units to move as slowly as the slowest unit, allowing those heavy Apocalypse Tanks to participate in the battle the same time your Gatling Tanks do. Sounds simple, and though you won’t be able to react as quickly, it ensures that your army isn’t picked off one by one, which happens when you face most AI opponents.
      This functionality is present in a lot of other RTS games as well, so keep on the look out for hotkeys and other tricks to save time and lives on the battlefield.

      That’s all there is to it; Fight smarter, and harder.
      -John Megacycle

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