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RTS Tournament Rules and Guidelines

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      Good Day All,
      Below are the general rules for tournament play, for RTS games.
      Granted, the rules will be different from game to game, but for this example, I’ll be using games from the Command and Conquer franchise.
      Each match will consist of the following:
      – This tournament will be a bracket format with 1 vs 1
      – Best 2 out of 3 matches is the winner
      – Resources set to standard/default amounts (10,000$ for example)
      – Super Weapons are allowed
      – You are able to change factions in between matches
      – 2-player maps only (specific map will be determined)
      – No random crates (C&C only)
      – An observer must be present to watch the matches or they don’t count
      – That observer will report to me and I (John Megacycle) will mark the win/loss
      – We will use Tunngle networking game client (for Non-Steam games) with Discord for audio
      – Discord can be found here:
      – Tunngle can be found here:
      – If you are a YouTube or Twitch streamer, you are able to record/stream the event, but ask me first

      Let me know if you have any questions. – JMegs

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      Are there any gameplay rules? Like “no-rush”, “no-alpha-bombers”, or something similar?

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        At this time, everything, including rushing is allowed.
        The rules will mature over time, but I believe what we have is fair ^_^.

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      In the case of Zero Hour, Tournament Mode on or off?

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        I”m not too sure what you mean by ‘Tournament Mode’. Can you explain?

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      Sorry, my mistake. It’s (more or less) the same as “Limit Superweapons” in some of the Generals mods. I’ve played them much more than the core game, and forgot that it’s named differently in vanilla ZH. In addition to limiting super weapons to one, it also limits super units to one in the case of Contra 008.

      I am in general a fan of the rule, because it limits the viability of winning through pure turtling. I just find games won purely with superweapons to be unsatisfying to both win and lose. At the same time, it doesn’t completely remove them, and they are undoubtedly useful in breaking a tie. Especially so for the Tank General, since they lack artillery.

      Not to mention that some generals (like Tank and Nuke) has extremely powerful research made available through their superweapon building.

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        That is the exact reason as to why I don’t have the ‘Limit Superweapons’ option on and players are able to build as many as they want. Though it is a lame way to win, the reality of the situation is that any commander should be able to break a turtle’s defense, though some method or another. In my opinion, if I turned this option off, then I feel I”d also have to enforce a no-rushing rule.
        This is something that I’m willing to consider, but at this time, since I only have a few players actually participating, I think I’ll leave it as is for now. However, I want to thank you for your feedback as you’ve given me some serious perspective on the matter.
        – John Megacycle

Viewing 3 reply threads
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